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llinois Business Journal reports on many retiring the wrong way

Many retiring the wrong way — says man out to change things How many hard-working Americans are nervous about their retirement? Perhaps a better question is: How many are sure they can retire comfortably and not run out of money? Mark Pettyjohn says many baby-boomers step off the retirement cliff without knowing how far they’ll…

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Beating the Age Game

My 92-year-old mother, Kathleen Pettyjohn, was just featured in the Illinois Times as an example of how to get older and stay healthy. Granted good genetics has something to do with it but only up to a point.  Here is what I’ve learned and am trying to emulate. – Exercise 5 to 6 days a…

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Best Social Security strategies

Since Congress voted last year to end two Social Security loopholes, many married couples have been searching for other strategies to maximize their benefits. For some couples, there still is time to take advantage of the loopholes—which have boosted retirement income for many couples by tens of thousands of dollars—before they disappear. For people who…

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Good credit in retirement

Most people try to be debt-free by the time they retire. As you start to draw down your savings, you may find you’re no longer using credit at all. Almost half of baby boomers say that they believe their credit score will be less important after age 70, according to a recent survey from credit…

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Support your favorite charity now

Why wait until you die to have your money do good things for your favorite charity? Get a tax advantage now and see your money at work in your favorite charity. How can this be done?  A charitable remainder trust.  You can retain an income from the trust and whatever principal is left when you…

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More than 80% of retired Americans are stressed about their finances and health.  Joining them are the over  78 million Baby Boomers in the next decade.  Most are woefully unprepared.  The Retirement Peace Project provides non-commercial retirement education, planning and ongoing coaching.

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