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Using your IRA to support church or charity

How can you use your IRA to support the things you care about?  Here’s an idea.  Unless an IRA is a Roth, the account owner must take these distributions starting at age 70½ and pay tax on the withdrawals. With the charitable IRA rollover, the donation, of up to $100,000, can count towards the minimum required…

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How to give a friendly “no” to family and friends

Your friends asks you for a loan.  Your aunt asks you to donate to charity.  Your co-worker wants your help with a project that has nothing to do with you.  How do you say “no” and still have them like you?      It is awkward to turn people down.  However long drawn out agony can…

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The high cost of health care in retirement

Americans’ top financial concern in retirement is paying for healthcare, which has been rising at twice the rate of inflation and will reach more than $318,000 in out-of-pocket expenses per retiree over a 30-year stretch, new research shows. And those out-pocket costs do not include potential further expenses associated with long-term care.      Overall, 41%…

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Solo 401(k) – who qualifies?

      The individual 401(k) – also known as the solo 401(k), the solo k, or uni-k – works much the same as  traditional 401(k) plans offered by large companies, as well as SEP IRAs designed for the self-employed. Unlike other retirement plans, though, an individual 401(k) is strictly for sole proprietors who have no employees…

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Look for the upcoming story on Retirement Peace Project in the Illinois Business Journal

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More than 80% of retired Americans are stressed about their finances and health.  Joining them are the over  78 million Baby Boomers in the next decade.  Most are woefully unprepared.  The Retirement Peace Project provides non-commercial retirement education, planning and ongoing coaching.

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