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The mission of the Retirement Peace Project is:

  • To help those preparing for retirement make sound, fact-base decisions and avoid costly mistakes that can destroy future peace of mind.
  • To help current retirees review all areas of their lives to reduce stress and insure they and their families are fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.
  • To assist employers to prepare older workers for a smooth, stress-free transition into retirement.
  • To strengthen not-for-profit organizations by helping their supporters discover unknown strategies and assets than can be directed to helping others

Mark Pettyjohn is a pioneer in field of financial literacy training.  While Pettyjohn-WEBworking as a national marketing director for Citi Group in the early 90’s, Mark became frustrated with the public’s lack of basic financial knowledge.  In response, he author his first financial class “What I didn’t learn about money in high school”.

Beginning with family, friends and neighbors as first students, word-of- mouth eventually brought over 25,000 through the class.  Hundreds of business and churches took advantage of the course to help their employees and members.  Many graduates experienced life changing results by applying the financial principals they learned.

In 2012, Mark began developing a holistic retirement education program called “Retirement Peace University”.  With over 70 million baby boomers planning to retire in the next few years, there is an urgent need for retirement education and training.   This was confirmed when a recent nation-wide study of Americans over 60 found 80% earning an “F” on basic retirement facts test.

As Mark is approaches the final chapter of a successful and fulfilling career, his goal is to teach mature Americans how to make educated and informed decisions about their retirement.  His goal is to build a nation-wide, professional organization that helps thousands discover improved health and wealth in retirement. His goal is also to encourage program graduates to intelligently direct a portion of their “new found” resources towards helping those less fortunate.

Let the learning, helping and fun continue!

COO Retirement Peace Project, Denise Coker

Denise-CokerA team member since 2004, Denise helped write the Retirement Peace University curriculum and has served as a class instructor. Denise holds a degree in Marketing and Management from Western Illinois University. She currently manages and coordinates all operations of the Retirement Peace Project.