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“I want to compliment Retirement Peace Project on its wonderful financial education program…Through the introduction of this program, Springfield Clinic can lead the way in helping insure the financial health of its employees.”

Everyone who works a job deserves a long-term exit imagesEK22290Lstrategy. Whether employee or owner, everyone is more effective at what they do when they have a realistic plan to retire.

Many workplaces provide some form of a retirement saving plan and many employers and employees contribute to these accounts. Having a retirement account however is not the same as having a retirement plan.

Most employees have never calculated the monthly retirement income they will eventually need. They have no idea of the total saving they will eventually require and no idea how much they need to save to attain their goal. Throw in ignorance about Social Security, Medicare, taxes and you have a recipe for retirement failure.

Retirement Peace University (RPU) is a fun and effective workshop that bring “peace of mind” to employees and owners over age 50. RPU will promote your organization to your employees and highlight the value of your benefit package.  RPU also assists older employees, fearful of their financial future, to help them confidently transition into retirement.

It makes no sense to contribute thousands of dollars towards employee retirement benefits only to have employees crash and burn due to retirement ignorance. Tuition may be covered by the employer, employee or shared.

“I think this is something that could be of tremendous use to employees. I know many of my employees struggle to make ends meet. Personally I am looking forward to using this service fully.”