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The Retirement Peace Project is both a business and a mission of love.



Those seeking only an income opportunity need not apply.

Are you passionate about helping people learn?

Do you get excited about helping people improve their lives?

If so, then you are in for an exciting adventure where you can also earn a fair income.



Retirement Peace University Instructor     Ryan teaching class

Retirement Peace University is a 10 hour multimedia workshop taught over several sessions. Instructors are fully trained and must be completely comfortable with class material before teaching on their own. Instructor pay is based on class attendance size and feedback from graduates.


  • A basic understanding of consumer finance and familiarity with fundamentals of retirement
  • Have the heart and attitude of a teacher rather than a salesman 
  • Ability to speak in front of a crowd
  • Possess an enthused, engaging personality capable of keeping students involved over an extended period of time
  • Expectations are to teach a minimum of one workshop per month with a goal of four

Earning possibilities, $25 to $100 per hour.

Project Advocate


  • Attend RPU, graduate and personally experience a significant benefit from the experience
  • Hold the belief that RPU can positively transform the retirement outcome of others
  • Are willing to approach others, share your experience, overcome objections and enroll qualified prospects into an upcoming RPU workshop

Advocates are compensated for each enrollment and bonused on the total size of workshop assembled. Potential earning of $750 per standard class. Many Advocates chose to dedicate their earning towards funding a charity of their choice.

Review Coach

strategic-business-coach-resized-600After completing the RPU workshop, graduates are challenged to use their general knowledge gained and translate it into a personalized document called The Retirement Peace Review. Graduates complete a personal fact finding assignment. They then meet with a trained coach to review their current retirement status, set goals and formulate a plan of action.


  • An understanding of personal finance
  • Possess the empathy and patience needed to listen to and counsel others
  • Toughness to tell graduates not what they want to hear but what they need to hear
  • Ability to use a simple software package

Compensation is based on each review completed.