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Fact: Churchleadership.org reports in the last decade half of the churches in America did not add to their memberships.

Fact: According to the Religious News Service in 2010 depression era giving levels started to be seen  in churches across America.   What can churches do to turn the tide? 

Mt. vernon 2Many churches today are seeking programs that positively impact the lives of both current and prospective church members in a caring way. Many times people “don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

Retirement Peace University (RPU) is a life impacting program that appeals to empty-nesters in a practical and emotional way. RPU is similar in format to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University that brought over two million attendees into local churches. Why not do the same for the “over 50 crowd” who have both the time and the financial resources to generously support good works.

Our unique “Pay It Forward” scholarship plan is an effective method 85B08DC3-5896-4D59-ADE5-EFC6559E4391for outreach to your community. The church seeds the program with 15 RPU scholarship and involves existing church members of the correct age. Enthused program graduates then sponsor one or more “Pay It Forward” scholarships and invite friends, family and co-workers to attend future RPU events hosted by the church.

“My husband and I are very grateful for the hard work and professionalism of Retirement Peace Project. Not only have they assisted us in reducing our monthly financial obligations but they have worked in partnership with us to pave the way for a financially secure retirement.”

“I recommend this program to any church that is looking for a tool to assist church members or to reach out to their community.”    Illinois Baptist State Association

“Several of our members told me they were very impressed by the personal plan that was developed for their family. One woman made the comment that her and her husband are now both on the same page and working together as good stewards.”   Sacred Heart Catholic Church

“I feel it fills a need that the Dave Ramsey class does not; reaching out to those who are at or near retirement and no longer have their working lives in front of them to save for the future. I found this program to be exceptionally educational and well received by the parishes."