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Not for Profits

Not for Profits

“I would encourage everyone to take full advantage of this program. No matter what your financial circumstances are, you will benefit in several ways by getting financial advice and some new ideas from Retirement Peace Project.”

united way 2Many not-for-profits struggle in the area of ongoing funding. Organizations often go back to the “same well” over and over again in an effort to keep revenue flowing. The Retirement Peace Project offers a unique approach for NFPs to reach existing supporters as well a way to build positive relationships with new prospects.

Unlock the Financial Power of Retirement Literacy

How about doing something creative that significantly helps those who support you rather that asking for another donation or participation in the next charity golf outing? NFPs are using Retirement Peace University as a creative outreach tool to building good will with current supports and the general public.

Program graduates typically discover thousands of additional dollars for their retirement. During the workshop, sponsoring organizations have the opportunity to promote their mission and make the case for systematic giving and estate plans.

Additionally, NFPs can offer a no charge, “Pay It Forward” scholarship to the public and subsequently receive income when those program graduates choose to sponsor a “Pay It Forward” scholarship for the next participant.

“I also came away from the classes knowing you were credible and could be trusted. I already spoke to my workgroup at a staff meeting about you and they were all excited about taking advantage of the various classes you offer.”